About Our Store




There have been 3 subjects that have interested me ever since I was a child: movies, art & books and happily I have been able to spend my life both as an artist and a bookdealer. I began Cinemage Books in 1988 after working in several bookstores in New York City. The business began as a mail order catalog only business and I would issue small lists of books every month to a group of interested buyers and collectors. I started to sell books on the internet in 1996 and now have my own web site. As you can tell from the catalogs listed my main area of interest is film and everything that relates to it, however being on the internet has allowed me to branch off into other areas that I'm interested in. Some of my customers over the years include Martin Scorsese,Richard Linklater,Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, C.B.S., Ralph Lauren, the film critics Kenneth Turan, Elvis Mitchell,film historian David Bordwell,the children's book illustrator Maira Kalman and many other well known personalities and organizations from around the world.


"not many of my friends could identify Douglas Shearer as both Norma's brother & head of MGM's sound department in one breath then in the next identify the actual publication date of Frank O'Hara's 'A City Winter and Other Poems' as 1952 rather than the earlier date on the title page. But Ira Joel Haber who I've happily known for more than 30 years is an artist of distinction & a connoisseur of things both filmic & poetic. I'm sure it makes him sad to sell a book he loves but that's all right. Go ahead & make him sad. You'll be happy you did."
Alex Gildzen Santa Fe